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First ever blog post.. about Male Contraception.

Hey guys, and welcome to shutupmarie !!!

Seen as I’m new to the whole blogging thing, I decided that it’s best that I post one of my pieces for university.

I was told to visit the streets of Leeds and interview the locals, “vox pop” style, so that I can gain more experience and confidence when interviewing people in the future.

My topic in question was: What’s your opinion on the male contraceptive injection that is currently being developed?

Gary Wainwright | 40 | Car Dealer | Harehills, Leeds.
gary_vp“I don’t agree with it. Women should be the only ones who should take contraception. If they weren’t so selfish and forgetful when it comes to taking contraception, then men wouldn’t have to take it.”



Chantal Scott | 19 | Clinical Support Worker | Halton, Leeds.
channy_vp“I think that it’s a good idea because there’s been a lot cases where women have said it’s always left up to them and women feel like a big burden and pressure to get these implants and injections, and it’s not fair for only women to go through the pain, it’s up to the guys as well. It’s dual responsibility.”


Susan Kindle | 50 | Teacher | Swillington, Leeds.
karen_vp“I think that it’s a good idea, especially if there is a case of a woman not being able to take any contraception due to medical reasons etc. It also helps males stay safe just in case they’re prone to one night stands.”



Joe Cusack | 19 | Retail Supervisor | Armley, Leeds.
Dominika Sep | 19 | Film student @ Leeds Beckett Uni | Armley, Leeds.

domjoe_vpJoe: “I think it should just be for girls because it always has been and we shouldn’t break what I see as a traditional thing.”

Dominika: “I’m really glad that they’re in the process of creating it because I believe in equality, so if girls go through something then so should the guys.”

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