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Slam Dunk 2017 Review.

Just a month after the city of Leeds saw the popular Live at Leeds festival, the iconic Slam Dunk returned to it’s Northern venue in it’s 11th year as a festival.

The lineup this year looked promising, with electro-rock band Enter Shikari headlining in celebrations of their 10-year anniversary of their debut album ‘Take to the Skies’.

Bands such as Bowling for Soup, Neck Deep and Reel Big Fish also headlined the festival, amongst 40 other bands, playing 8 venues across the city centre.

Pop Punk has always been my ‘go-to genre’ of music, so hearing about the festival made me realise that I really needed to go.

This year’s Slam Dunk was actually the second time I’d ever been to a festival anyway, but I was still excited to see what the hype about Slam Dunk was all about, even if my festival experience was a little rusty.

It was also another chance for me to meet and watch my favourite band (aka The Maine, aka the best band ever ok) play live.. for like the 8th time.

Here’s little ol’ me, meeting The Maine, repping their old school merchandise.

I also got to see other bands like DON BROCO, We are the Ocean and Bury Tomorrow, which was pretty fucking awesome.

I even crowd surfed during Enter Shikari’s set – YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIII

So, if you have never been to Slam Dunk and are curious as to whether it’s worth the money, trust me, it is.

No seriously, it actually is, and I would honestly do anything to relive that day again.

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