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Life as an intern.

First off, let me give you all some background as to how I found myself interning this summer.

As part of my university degree, we have to complete a month of work placement and for first year journalists, it’s very hard to find a placement in a journalism-based area due to our lack of knowledge in the field.

However, I found myself dabbling in a lot of social media marketing work for placement this year and my placement, I started working as an intern for a fashion company called Fulwood London.

One of the things that stood out to me about Fulwood is how chilled and laid-back Sarah (the owner) is! For most job interviews I’ve had, everything is all corporate and quite boring, whereas my interview with Sarah wasn’t even an interview at all, we literally just met up for a coffee!

Now to the bit where I tell you what work I do…

The thing with social media marketing is, it’s pretty much based on luck in my opinion.

My weekly task lists usually consist of finding new ways of gaining social media attention for the company and then actually put these strategies to the test.

A standard photo of my work station. I always gotta have my coffee & water fix on hand.

It’s actually a pretty fun job most of the time.

80% of the time I’m usually finding and making dank ass memes for the company, whilst the other 20% is me getting angry and swearing at Twitter and my editing applications for not cooperating with me.

I absolutely love working for Fulwood London and honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better boss or job.

And whilst I’m at it, don’t forget to check out Fulwood London and what we’re about. I’ll link our social media below!



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