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Christmas in January.

Now that Halloween and Bonfire Night have passed, everybody knows Christmas is just around the corner. Chantal Scott, a 19 year old nurse at St James’ Hospital from Halton, Leeds sat down with us to discuss how she feels about Christmas.

What values do you appreciate at Christmas time?

I appreciate how nice it is to spend time with family and being able to connect with them. It’s an amazing to have everyone sat around the table, eating Christmas dinner, joking around with each other.

It also makes you appreciate what you have in oppose to others, making you reflect on people who don’t get the same opportunity as you.

What’s your opinion on the popular thought that Christmas is more commercial than traditional nowadays?

It should be spent entirely with your family. Christmas is more commercial nowadays, with constant advertising for kids presents etc. and it’s making kids become greedy and less focused on the traditional side of Christmas.

Do you think religion still plays a big part in celebrating Christmas?

Definitely not. I feel as if Jesus/God aren’t appreciated anymore and that people forget about their Christian values nowadays. I went to a Catholic high school and college and I think the religious meaning of Christmas is then pushed onto you more.

Considering the fact that you’re half Italian, would you say Christmas at your home is any different to how it is celebrated generally?

My dad is English so we try to mix both ways of celebrating Christmas. On Christmas Day, we celebrate with the huge family gathering and the meal but then on the 6th January we celebrate Befana which is when the kids open their presents.

But everything else, like the music, crackers, and the vibe is all there just like anybody else who celebrates Christmas.

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