Musician of the Month: December.

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my December issue of Musician of the Month!

I decided that my musician for this month is the beautiful Demetria Lovato.

In comparison to my last MOTM, Demi is definitely more well known around the world, but I feel like her voice and music needs more recognition than it already does have.

Another reason why I chose Demi is how over the past 9 years, she has grown as an artist and I’m so honoured to have been a fan of hers from the start, watching her flutter into a beautifully talented human being.

I mean, personally, I didn’t really like her newest album ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ at first but after recently watching her documentary ‘Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated’, I realised how much she has put into this album and how much it represents her – in comparison to her previous albums.

Since the documentary, I re-listened to the album and I am totally in awe with her vocals, how raw and beautiful they truly sound and this album definitely showcases it.

Overall, Demi was the absolutely the right choice for this month’s MOTM and not just for her music, but also her strength when it comes to overcoming her mental health issues.

Demi Lovato is indeed an inspirational musician.

Remember to check out Demi’s new album which is available on Spotify now!

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