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Five Things to Do in Dublin.

1) Take a Walk over Ha’penny Bridge

ha'penny_bridgeBuilt in May 1816, the Ha’Penny Bridge is one of Dublin’s well-known landmarks as it was the first pedestrian bridge extended over the river Liffey. Even today, the bridge is in a well-kept condition and is still used by pedestrians from Dublin and also around the world.

2) Party like the Irish at The Temple Bar

temple_barEveryone knows that the Irish are better known for their drinking, therefore The Temple Bar is quite possibly one of the most legendary bars in Dublin city. The bar is also a keen attraction for younger tourists who are dying to have a drink (or three) inside its famous walls.

3) Go visit the histories of Dublin Castle…

dublin_castleBuilt by Meiler Fitzhenry is 1204, Dublin Castle was the home of the British government in Ireland until 1922, when the formation of the Irish Free State happened. After being considered such a historic landmark, it is still used today to swore in Ireland’s new Presidents.

4) …Or even visit the iconic Swords Castle!

swords_castleSwords Castle aka the original home for, John Comyn (the First Anglo-Norman Archbishop of Dublin), was built in 1200.

5) Visit the Guinness Storehouse Factory

guinness_factory After becoming the official home to the Guinness Brewery in 1795, the Guinness Storehouse is definitely the most popular attraction in Dublin. As you enter, you are taken on a tour in which you are immersed by the seven stages of Irish brewing. After you have been taken through the seven stages, you are able to stop at the Gravity Bar (located on the 7th floor) in which you can enjoy a pint of Guinness with a 360o view of the Dublin skyline!

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