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Breaking a Heart.

Hey guys!

Recently at university, we were given the task to delve into ourselves to create an article very personal to us. Personal journalism is very common nowadays and many journalists will publish about things in their lives that they think may relate to their readers.

So I decided to try my best and open up about my personal experience with my first ever break up. I hope you all like it!

Break ups. They can either be for the best, or for the worst. I guess you can gather that this tale is going to be about me and my experience of dealing with a break up. However, if you haven’t been through a break up yet, then you are very lucky indeed.

It was summer 2016 and I had been dating my boyfriend for exactly three years. At this point he had met my family (and vice-versa) and I guess you could say we were pretty much inseparable.

Considering we had been together so long, you would have thought everything was sunshine and rainbows in our relationship… but unfortunately that was not the case.

You see, we both had changed a lot from the naïve love struck 16 year olds that we were and sometimes that can either be seen as bad or good.
It was not good.

After three long years, I officially decided in my mind that I was no longer willing to be committed into a relationship. I didn’t communicate to anyone about my intentions – not even my best friend and it was hard.

I had arranged to meet him at his house, pretending I was staying over, like everything was normal. When I arrived I was quaking in my boots, everything I had thought about saying had just completely left my brain.

When my moment finally arrived and I plucked up the courage to say how I felt, I could see the tears in his eyes. He just couldn’t fathom what I was saying to him and honestly, it looked like I had just ripped his heart out.

It ended up being two hours of us talking and him just trying to understand my point of view. That break up was one of the toughest things I have had to do.

To this day I still struggle to deal with break ups, whether I’m the person being broke up with or the other way around. You need to understand though that they are normal and are a part of everyday life.

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