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Top Seven Tips for Interviewing.

TIP 1: Find a good interviewee.
Make sure the person you decide to interview has something of relevance. You don’t want to choose someone who may be “boring” to interview. Possibly choose someone who is young and very good with the media because they’re most likely to answer you truthfully.

TIP 2: Thoroughly research the interviewee and prepare your questions.
Prepare around 30 questions at least, you don’t have to ask them all although it’s good to have back up questions. It’s also fine if you keep having to look at your question sheet, but ensure you ask the kind of questions people want to hear, even if they’re tough. You also need make sure that you ask follow up questions like, “What do you mean?” “How?” “Why?” – act dumb sometimes.

TIP 3: Make sure you’re confident with who you’re interviewing and the questions you need to ask.
Confidence is key when it comes to interviewing anybody – especially celebrities. If you are not radiating any bit of confidence, the interviewee may notice and choose not to open up to you, which may result in you not getting the right sort of answers from them.

TIP 4: Find a quiet location.
Make sure your interview isn’t disrupted by any loud or irrelevant background noise otherwise the microphone can pick up irrelevant sound and ruin the interview.

TIP 5: Keep the interviewee interested.
You don’t want to scare them off or bore them away. Keep eye contact, stay focused with your questions and make sure you do all this with a smile and positive attitude.

TIP 6: Make sure you study the interviewee.
Acknowledge everything they do. Look at the way they conduct themselves during the interview – do they twiddle with their fingers? Do they sit a certain way? Also take a note of how they dress and how they like the express themselves.

TIP 7: It is perfectly fine to be a little ‘nosey’.
According to Simon Hattenstone: “The essential requirement for being a decent interviewer is noseyness.” In order to gather the most information possible, you have to be ready to ask the questions nobody else wants to ask. Get the interviewee to really open up about their personal lives because that is where you will get a story.

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