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Coca Cola Truck in Leeds!

Christmas is coming early on the streets of Leeds, with hundreds of people gathering around for the arrival of the Coca-Cola truck on the 25th November!

The iconic truck is known for stopping off in different cities during the month of November, allowing both children and adults to experience its magic in person as well as handing out free Coca-Cola bottles to the dedicated people who queue up just to take a photo with the truck.

Photo taken by Katie Histler.

Christopher O’Connor, a 32 year old engineer from Gipton in Leeds, said: “This is a special day for me and my family. I bring my girls Mya (7) and Freya (2), every year that they’ve been able to visit and they love it. It’s definitely a family event.”

Amrita Johal, an 18 year old Magazine Journalism student at Leeds Trinity University, said: “This is my first time seeing the truck and to me it really feels like it’s a sign of how close Christmas actually is, and it makes me excited.”

There’s no doubt that this truck has made a lasting impression on the streets of Leeds, with viewers saying that they would definitely come again next year. And if you’ve missed on this opportunity, the next stop for the truck is at Scarborough and Swindon on the 26th November, and you can find all the other dates on the Coca-Cola website. (

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